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Order acceptance

Wherever you may be, you and your customers can place or accept orders using our mobile app. This not only strengthens customer loyalty, but also saves time, as orders are transmitted digitally and processed automatically.

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The future is now

Vehicle dispatch

Based on real-time information on traffic, drivers, vehicles and goods, algorithms supported by machine learning automatically determine the most efficient routes. This allows dispatchers to concentrate fully on the smooth processing of orders.

Cut costs

Utilizing resources in the most efficient way will significantly reduce the cost of your service.

Increase profit

Machine learning allows the optimal selling price, along with a cost calculation, to be determined in advance. 

Protecting the environment

Intelligent route planning reduces the environmental impact of your vehicles.

Wherever you go

Automatic generation of all accompanying documents

Automatic review according to individual specifications as well as fully automatic creation of accompanying documents.

Exact forecast of arrival time

Through the use of real-time information, exact time of arrival is regularly updated so that the customer can prepare for delivery, ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

Dealing with unforeseen circumstances

The driver has all the necessary applications at their disposal at all times so that they can act according to circumstances. Likewise, the route automatically adapts to new conditions.

At a glance

Business Intelligence

Through individualized real-time evaluations of incoming data, those responsible can easily maintain an overview and make the right decisions at the right time.

Transport Software Datenauswertung


User-relevant reports are presented in a clear graphic format.<br />

Predictive Analytics

Identify developments early on and act promptly.


Automatic notifications when thresholds are exceeded or not reached to stay fully informed.<br />

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