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infens is much more than just another software development company. We are process optimizers who strive to take our clients’ businesses to new heights, with engineering services that provide the most efficient digital solutions possible. We offer a comprehensive range of services that covers everything from consulting and analysis to development and implementation of software solutions, helping companies to overcome all obstacles in the digital transformation of their business operations and increase revenue. 

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Perfection to match

It is clear to us that we can only be successful if you are also successful. That’s why we take a collaborative partnership approach to guiding you through the challenges of your digital journey.


Your experts for digital process optimization.

Making processes intelligent

By digitalizing and evaluating the process data, business processes can be made intelligent, fast and efficient.

Seeing into the future

Through our AI based algorithms we can predict future developments of your company.

Automation through AI

With the help of self-learning AI systems, we can automate large parts of your standardized processes.

Boosting performance

We develop software that focuses on the users and the real problems to be solved.


Reduce costs

Through intelligent processes, automated procedures and fact-based management your process costs are greatly reduced.

Increase revenue

Automated and powerful processes enable you to increase revenue and take your business to new heights.

Increase customer satisfaction

Thanks to our AI system, you get to know exactly what your customers need and can take your product or service to a new level.

Boost employee productivity

Relieve your employees of tiresome monotonous tasks through AI-based solutions and give them the tools to deliver outstanding work with intelligent and user-focused applications.

Open up new areas of business

The digitalization and evaluation of process data, coupled with predictive analytics, enables you to identify new business opportunities and trends at an early stage and take timely action. In addition, flexible and intelligent internal processes provide the foundation for implementing future-oriented digital business models.


Take the First Step Towards your Digital Future

We can show you how your company can benefit from state-of-the-art software technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Simply fill out the form and one of our experts will contact you to discuss the next steps you can take towards increasing your revenue.


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